Retired, but the challenge continues… Choi Na-yeon and Kim Ha-neul in ‘Second Life’

Choi Na-yeon (36) and Kim Ha-neul (35) are close friends well known in the golf world. Choi Na-yeon said she was born in 1987, she is a year older than Kim Ha-neul, born in 1988, but she entered elementary school a year late and has been like a friend of the same age since her school days. On the 17th, when the SK Telecom Charity Open was held, she met Choi Na-yeon and Kim Ha-neul at the Pinx Golf Course in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do. Throughout the interview, I felt a deep friendship in the way they gave each other while arguing.

The two, who have been together for a long time on and off the field, have recently become the same status. Kim Ha-neul, who won 8 and 6 wins on the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour and Japan Women’s Professional Golf (JLPGA) Tour, respectively, organized her career by the end of 2021, and won 6 wins on the KLPGA Tour and the American Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour. Choi Na-yeon, who won 9 games, decided to retire last year and put down the club. Although the modifier of ‘active’ players has disappeared, both of them have not let go of the string of ‘challenge’.

Choi Na-yeon said, “(Kim) has lost her weight recently because of her, not because of the sky. I asked to re-shoot her body profile, which I had already taken two years ago, so I had no choice but to lose weight,” she grumbled. Then Kim Ha-neul said, “Although he retired, he wanted to try something. Then, what came to my mind was the body profile. I feel a little sorry for my friend who just retired.”

Like this, Choi Na-yeon and Kim Ha-neul are trying to their heart’s content what they couldn’t do during their active career. Kim Ha-neul said, “I enjoy skiing and tennis, which I was afraid of getting hurt when I was active. He, of course, also plays golf sometimes 먹튀검증.”

Choi Na-yeon said, “I am working hard on writing my autobiography, which I talked about at the retirement press conference. Sometimes she writes for two hours at a time, but other times there are days when it is difficult to write even a single letter,” she said. She continued, “But four or five

Now, the two former professional golfers are spending days as busy as they were during their active career. Choi Na-yeon and Kim Ha-neul both run personal YouTube channels and are actively appearing on various broadcast programs. Choi Na-yeon said, “When she put down golf a little, her skills quickly decreased. Last time, the score was 80 strokes. OB was also frequent. It was a shock,” she said with a shy smile. Hearing this, Kim Ha-neul made fun of his friend, saying, “I also shortened the distance, but I didn’t get to 80 strokes.”

For the time being, the two intend to enjoy their second lives as they are now. Kim Ha-neul said, “A lot of people around me say that my face has improved. I guess I’m happy with my current life,” he laughed. Choi Na-yeon, who recently cleaned up her American house, said, “I don’t have any big plans for the time being. However, I have a lot of worries about which way to go in the future,” she said.

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