Salary arbitration ‘No application’ → Negotiation completed club X… Is it possible to ‘complete the contract’ before camp?

Superficial confrontation has not yet appeared.

The KBO league salary arbitration application, which ended on the 10th, was completed without an applicant. As a result, the players prepared for the upcoming spring camp while continuing ongoing salary negotiations with each club.

Following last year, no applicants came out this year. 메이저사이트 The changed environment and atmosphere are analyzed as the cause. After the implementation of the agent system, there is a way to receive ‘logical assistance’ in salary negotiations with the club. The gaze of each club’s fans, which is formed mainly online, cannot be ignored from the club’s point of view. Both the club and the players are concentrating on reaching a conclusion by quietly negotiating based on their own logic at the table rather than establishing a confrontational angle.

However, it is unclear how long this ‘peace’ will last.

As of the 10th, no team has completed an annual salary contract with all players who will be with them for the 2023 season. In previous years, there was a team that concluded negotiations in December at the earliest. Around January 20th, most of the news of the contract completion was heard.

The air is quite different this year. Although each club is in the process of signing most of the players, some ruptures are also heard. Players with improved team and individual performance are mentioned, but even players who accept unexpected cuts do not seem to agree easily. A similar picture is drawn every year during salary negotiations, but this year, the atmosphere seems to have become more sensitive due to the newly implemented salary cap system.

For this reason, the possibility of a club not completing the contract until spring camp, which starts on the 1st of next month, is carefully discussed. Instead of joining the camp, non-signed players continue negotiations in Korea, or choose a method such as exchanging opinions locally after joining team training. Both sides are trying to come to 메이저사이트 a conclusion, but considering the meaning of spring camp, which opens the door to the new season, ‘non-contract’ is inevitable for both players and clubs. Concern is bound to grow in that this early atmosphere can have a considerable impact on farming in one season.

The salary negotiation table where no applicant for mediation came out is a ‘green light’. However, in the flow, ‘red flags’ can be turned on at any time, so you can’t just be relieved.

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