‘Sarcastic’ Japanese media “Neymar absent in Japan. Very sorry for his performance against Jeonbuk”

“For Japanese soccer fans, (Neymar’s performance against Jeonbuk) was a regrettable result”

Neymar’s (31, PSG) performance against Jeonbuk was viewed unfavorably in Japan.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) defeated Jeonbuk 3-0 in a preseason friendly for the Coupang Play Series at the Asiad Stadium in Busan on March 3.

Neymar started and played the entire match. It was a change of pace from his previous tour of Japan. Neymar had been benched for all three games of the Japan tour. This was likely due to the aftermath of his ankle injury.

Against Jeonbuk, Neymar played the full game and had two goals and an assist. In the 40th minute, he beat several defenders with a solo run in a very crowded box before unleashing a shot on goal. The ball bounced off a Jeonbuk player, deflected off the post, and into the back of the net. The first goal 꽁머니.

Neymar then doubled the lead in the 38th minute, latching onto a brilliant pass from Fabian Luis and making a quick run towards goal before calmly finishing. Lee Kang-in was the first to celebrate with a hug. In the 43rd minute, Asensio also scored with a powerful shot. Neymar had a hand in it. A heeled pass helped.

“Neymar, who did not play in Japan but started in South Korea, scored a goal,” the Japanese outlet Football Channel noted.

“PSG toured Japan this summer, as they did last year. In the absence of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe, Neymar was the center of attention. Neymar came to Japan with the goal of returning to action after suffering an ankle injury last season and undergoing surgery in March. However, he missed the games against Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia) and Cerezo Osaka. In the final match of the tour, against Inter Milan, there was a “Neymar call” on the pitch, but he eventually left Japan without playing. But in the preseason match against Jeonbuk, he started, and not only that, he scored a goal that shook the stadium.”

“It was unavoidable (for him to not play in Japan) because he was injured, but for Japanese soccer fans, (Neymar’s performance against Jeonbuk) was a regrettable result,” he added sarcastically.

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