‘Sir, how many half-moon swords have you turned?’ ‘Ruler’ outstanding performance JDG wins BLG

Jingdong Gaming won the first set match between Jingdong Gaming and Bilibili Gaming at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational Bracket Stage held at Copper Box Arena in London on the 14th. Jingdong Gaming used their advantage in the bottom line to successfully dive and slow down the growth of their opponent’s bottom line. Jingdong bottom liner ‘Ruler’ gave a great boost to the team’s victory in the first set with a terrifying performance.

Jingdong Gaming took the lead with a kill against Bilibili Gaming. Jingdong Gaming attempted a 4-man dive when the opponent’s long-distance dealer was alone in the tower, killing and disrupting the opponent’s CS supply. Jingdong Gaming fully took the bottom initiative by catching the opponent’s jinx one more time when the blink was missing, and dominated the early game by winning the battle of the Herald of the Canyon.

When the messenger of the 2nd canyon appeared, Jingdong Gaming first took a seat and waited for the opponent. Biribili Gaming couldn’t just yield to the messenger of the gorge, so they fought first and captured Khazix. However, he was greatly defeated by the counterattack of Jingdong Gaming and withdrew. Biribili Gaming’s defeat deepened as they lost the dragon battle that soon followed 스포츠토토.

After the battle, Bilibili Gaming couldn’t stand up to Jingdong Gaming. Jingdong Gaming pushed the opponent back with the terrifying firepower of the dealer line, destroyed the Nexus and won the first set.

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