SK Ahn Young-joon, who visited Jamsil after a long time, “It’s good to see the team members come together, I really want to win”

Ahn Young-joon, who is serving in the military, visited Jamsil after a long time.

Game 4 of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball championship match between Seoul SK and Anyang KGC held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 1st. Behind the SK bench, a familiar face was watching the game. It was Ahn Young-joon, who is currently serving in the military as a full-time reserve. He visited Jamsil after a long time to cheer on his teammates who advanced to the championship match 스포츠토토.

Ahn Young-jun, whom I met at halftime, said, “I am commuting as a full-time reserve. He was in charge of the reserve forces. After work, he does personal exercise every day and spends time with his family.”

He continued, “I think I came to the Jamsil Student Gymnasium in a few months. When he just enlisted in the military, his desire to run was like a chimney, but now a lot of time has passed. I don’t feel like I want to play right now,” he laughed.

Ahn Young-jun, who usually had bad knees, underwent knee surgery right after enlisting in the military. Since then, he has devoted himself to rehabilitation and is currently steadily building his body through weight training and court training.

“As soon as I joined the military, I underwent surgery on both knees. The reason he chose full-time reserve service is also because he cannot do outside rehabilitation in Sangmu. He is trying to maintain his pre-enlistment sense through rehabilitation and personal exercise.” These are the words of Youngjun Ahn.

Defending champion SK expected Ahn Young-Jun to enlist in the military ahead of this season and weaken his strength. To make matters worse, even Choi Jun-yong left due to an injury and faced a crisis. However, Kim Seon-hyung and Jameel Warney became one and advanced to the championship match for two consecutive seasons.

Encouraged by Ahn Young-Jun’s support, SK won 100-91 that day and returned the series to square one. Since it has regained the lost atmosphere, it seems that if it shows its potential in the remaining games, it will be able to stand on top once again.

Ahn Young-joon said, “Honestly, I didn’t expect to advance to the championship match. It was good to see (Choi) Jun-yong’s teammates sticking together in the absence of hyung. I’ve been doing well so far, but since I’ve come up to the championship match, I hope I can win by working harder.”

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