Slow and steady wins the race…watch Ham Deok-joo’s ‘Resurgence’

“I prepared it with the intention of using it in the first place.”

LG’s Ham Deok-ju, 28, is exploding with comeback pitches. It must have been painful. Doosan’s Yang Suk-hwan (32), who is being traded, is doing well. But you can’t calculate the trade profit and loss right away. You have to take your time. The truth.

Through 21 days, Ham has pitched 21.1 innings in 22 games with a 2-5 record, three saves, and a 1.69 ERA. In May, he’s in “invincible mode. In seven games and 8.1 innings pitched, he has a 1-0 record, three saves, and a 0 ERA.

He has yet to have a sub-1 ERA season in his career. He’s on pace for a career-high. The hard work is paying off. In fact, this is what he does.

He was Doosan’s top bullpen. He was also a key player in the ‘dynasty’. He was also selected for the national team in his early 20s. He came to LG on March 25, 2021, through a trade with Chae Ji-seon. LG sent right-handed slugger Yang Seok-hwan and left-handed prospect Nam Ho to Doosan.

Yang was never fully established in the LG organization, but he broke out in Doosan. In 2021, he hit .273 with 28 home runs, 96 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.827. He followed that up with a .244 average, 20 homers, 51 RBIs, and a .741 OPS in 2022.

Ham Deok-ju, on the other hand, had a tough time. He only appeared in 16 and 13 games in 2021 and 2022, respectively. He suffered from gout and underwent surgery to remove bone chips from his elbow in 2021. The aftermath of this would keep him out until 2022.

They gave up a valuable right-handed bat, and the international lefty they acquired failed to deliver. Fans were outraged, LG was frustrated. Fans were angry, and LG was frustrated. The same goes for Ham Deok-ju.

But in 2023, Ham Deok-ju is changing all that with his performance. The team is missing closer Go Woo-seok due to injury, but they are smiling because they have Ham Deok-ju. Coach Yeom Kyung-yup also has a smile on his face.

“I had a lot of trouble with elbow pain. He went to several hospitals. Last year’s final camp was the trigger. I found a good pitching form. Once I found the form, the pain disappeared. When I found the form, the pain disappeared.

Coach Yoon Kyung-yeop said, “Ham Deok-ju’s fastball is up. He threw up to 146 kilometers per hour. It’s an achievement. If the weather gets hotter, it can go up even more. I think he will regain his form when it is good. He’s going through the process. I see hope. It’s a good thing.”

Initially, I thought of Ham Deok-ju as the main card: “I had to save him. He’s a good pitcher. I thought about using him from the beginning and took him from the final camp. He’s still young and has a lot of experience. If he doesn’t get sick, he’ll do well. He’s good enough,” he said.

“He just needs to get his velocity up. It’s coming up. I told (Ham) Deok-ju at the beginning, ‘I’m going to use you all season. If you put the nail in the coffin beforehand, you won’t be chased psychologically. You don’t have to force yourself to show it. I tried to make him feel comfortable,” he explained.

It’s working. His fastball sits at an average of 140.2 kilometers per hour, according to Statiz. In 2018, when he had 24 saves and a 2.96 ERA, he averaged 141.6 mph. It’s getting close. He averaged 140.0 mph in 2017 and 140.8 mph in 2019. That’s about right. His changeup is alive and well.

The last two years may be disappointing. But he’s still in his 20s. He has a lot of years left. Right now, he’s doing so well this season that he’s changing the trade assessment of a “one-sided Doosan win.

메이저사이트 In 38 games this year, Yang is batting .291 with seven home runs, 23 RBIs, and an OPS of .824. With Ham Deok-ju also doing well, it’s a win-win situation. As always, it’s best to take your time when calculating trade returns.

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