Sono International becomes 10th professional basketball team

Sono International (SONO) has joined the South Korean professional basketball league.

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) held an extraordinary general meeting on Nov. 21 to approve Sono’s membership in the league. The league, which was facing the prospect of being reduced to nine teams after last season’s participant, Day One, was suspended from the league due to financial issues including unpaid player wages, will remain at 10 teams. With the exception of its inaugural 1997 season (eight teams), the league has played with 10 teams for 26 seasons.

Sono will continue to use the city of Gyeonggi as his home base after being kicked out of the league. At the press conference following the general meeting, Sono president Lee Ki-wan said, “I proposed to Goyang City that we rename the Goyang Indoor Gymnasium to ‘Goyang Sono Arena. A representative from Sono explained, “We are expressing our intention to continue to lead the basketball team stably in Goyang.”

Sono has decided to name the team the Skygunners. It means “shooters in the sky. “The English Premier League (soccer team) Arsenal is also nicknamed the Gunners. The name reflects the fact that they shoot a lot,” he said.

Regarding the 1.5 billion won special membership fee, which is a league membership fee, Lee said, “We will pay it in a lump sum. We will release the receipt immediately.” He was apparently conscious of the fact that D-day, which had promised to pay the special fee in installments last season, missed the payment deadline and was criticized for poor management. 토토사이트

Sono has hired most of Day One’s 18 players, coaching staff, including head coach Kim Seung-ki, and office staff. “I think the team will do well now that something good has happened,” Kim said. I want to see the team reach the championship as soon as possible,” said Kim.

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