“Sorry about the bomb!” “It’s okay!”…in a moment that needed a fixer, the “Captain” came through.

“He said he was sorry because he knew I was bad….”

LG won a 9-1 away game against the Kiwoom Heroes at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on June 6. After dropping all three games of a weekend series against the NC Dinos, LG opened the week with a win.

‘Captain’ Oh Ji-hwan was the difference maker. On the day, Oh went 2-for-4 with two doubles, four RBIs and one run scored. With runners on second and third in the fourth inning for a 1-0 lead, he followed it up with a double in the fifth inning with runners on second and third. After retiring the side in right field in the seventh inning, Oh was replaced by Song Dae-hyun in the ninth inning.

After the game, Oh said, “I finished the week with two wins and four losses. On the one hand, it could be considered a good performance, but I told the players to have fun as it was the start of the week after losing both NC games. 스포츠토토

Prior to this game, Oh was batting just 1-for-18 in his last 10 games. He turned to his teammates for advice.

“It’s true that I wasn’t hitting well,” he admitted, “but (Park) Dong-won was good, (Hong) Chang-gi was good, and (Moon) Sung-ju was good, so I think we talked a lot. We talked about what’s important and what kind of mindset we have. (Park) said, ‘It’s good to aim for a difficult course. He said, ‘You have to hit it at a time when you have the power, but you’re not getting results because you’re trying to hit difficult balls on the second and third balls.’ I felt like he was right.”

Oh revealed an anecdote about how he became the solution. In the fourth inning, Moon’s bunt put runners on second and third base. “I’m sorry for the bomb,” Moon said to Oh as he walked in.

Oh said, “I talk to (Moon) a lot. He told me that one of our options could make it easy early on. By bunting, it was good for him and good for the team, so it was good from his point of view. However, I think I apologized because I didn’t feel good hitting. I said, ‘I’m glad I was able to get a hit thanks to you,'” he smiled.

With the win, LG remained in second place, one game behind SSG. “I told the players that we’re doing well and that we should have a lot of laughs to start the week,” said Oh. I hope the fans don’t worry too much,” he said.

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