South Korean soccer falls to China’s Shaolin Football again, killer tackles abound ‘2 injured out’… U-24 Hwang Sun-hong-ho, 中에 0-1 패배

South Korea’s Asian Games soccer team lost its second exhibition game on Chinese soil, 0-1, to finish with a 1-1 record after two exhibition games. However, there was something even more painful than the loss: injuries to Korean players following harsh fouls by Chinese players. Cho Young-wook and Ko Young-joon had to be substituted due to injuries.

The U-24 Asian Games team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, lost 0-1 in an exhibition match against the Chinese Asian Games team at Jinhua Stadium in Zhejiang, China, at 8:35 p.m. KST on Sept. 19.

South Korea has played two exhibition matches against China in China to prepare for the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, in September. On Sept. 15, they won 3-1 against China’s Asian Games team at the same venue. Uhm Won-sang scored multiple goals and Jung Woo-young scored a wedge goal to defeat China by two goals after a dubious call resulted in a one-goal victory. However, there was also a lot of bloodshed in the exhibition game, as leading striker Uhm Won-sang was sent home early after being knocked down by a rough play. China’s rough play, known as Shaolin soccer, was the culprit, and it continued today.

South Korea started with a 4-2-3-1 formation. Cho Young-wook was the upfront striker, while Jung Woo-young, Go Young-joon, and Go Jae-hyun were in the second line. Jung Ho-yeon and Kim Bong-soo coordinated the offense in the midfield, while the back four was, from left to right, Cho Hyun-taek, Kim Tae-hyun, Lee Sang-min, and Choi Jun. The starting goalkeeper was Lee Kwang-yeon. On the other side, China, led by Dejan Jorjevic, was led by Tan Long up front, supported by Ba Dun, Wang Haijian, and Tao Chiang Rong. Gao Tianyi and Sun Qinhan lined up in the midfield, while the back four was Wu Xiaochong, Zhu Tianjie, Zhang Shengrong, and He Yufeng. The starting goalkeeper was Han Jiaqi.

Just like the first game, the game was officiated by Chinese referees. Right from the start, Korea had to worry about injuries rather than performance. In the 15th minute, Jung Woo-young went down after a sliding tackle from Zhu Tianjie. Zhu committed a rough foul by raising his leg high after touching the ball. It was a moment that brought back memories of the first round trial. Jung fell to the ground and was unable to get up for a while. Fortunately, it didn’t appear to be a serious injury. After being checked by the medical trainer, he was back on the ground.
Jung Woo-young and Cho Young-wook fell to the ground in quick succession… eventually, Cho Young-wook was no longer able to play.
But just four minutes later, in the 19th minute of the first half. This time, Cho Young-wook went down and was unable to play again. The injury occurred during a battle with an opposing defender for a loose ball. He went down with a shoulder collision and complained of pain on the spot. Eventually, the medical trainer checked his condition and gave him an ‘X’ sign. South Korea eventually took him off in the 22nd minute of the first half and replaced him with long striker Park Jae-yong.

From there, the game slowly started to heat up. In the 24th minute, China’s sharp penetrating passes led to a chance, but Cho Hyun-taek won the pace race and didn’t take advantage. Soon after, South Korea had their chance. After a turnover in the midfield, Cho Hyun-taek played a good pass to the center of the penalty area, but he was unable to finish. China’s rough play continued. In the 28th minute, Wang Haijian was cautioned for an unsportsmanlike tackle. A 28-minute cooling off period was then called.

South Korea had its first good chance in the 30th minute. Cho Hyun-taek sent in a sharp cross from the left side of the box, which was met by Jung Woo-young with a redirected header that went just wide of the goal. South Korea struck again in the 34th minute. After breaking up a Chinese pass, they had a 4:3 numerical advantage. Ko Young-jun attempted a right-footed curling shot toward the other side of the goal, but it went wide of the mark 메이저사이트.

As South Korea continued to attack, China focused more on defense, but still managed to get the occasional counterattack. In the 38th minute, Park Jae-yong hit a sharp, uncontested kick from about 25 meters out, but it was caught by the opposing goalkeeper’s foot. Then, in the 41st minute, Cho Hyun-taek tried his luck with a left-footed shot from the right side of the field into the center of the box, but the ball ended up in the chest of the opposing keeper.

In the end, Korea conceded the lead after pushing forward but failing to score a goal. China on the counterattack in the 45th minute. Korea’s right flank collapsed. With the line drawn up, there was a huge gap between the defense and midfield. With three attackers and three defenders facing each other, a short cross came in from the left side of the penalty box. Sun Chinhan, who was rushing into the box, was unmarked and slotted home with his right foot.

After scoring the first goal, China took full advantage of the momentum and began pressuring South Korea. In fact, the momentum shifted completely to China. Tan Long drove down the Korean right flank and drew a foul. From the ensuing free kick, the ball came in sharply, but Lee Kwang-yeon made a good save. Eventually, the three minutes of first-half added time expired. South Korea led 4:2 in shots in the first half. However, there were only two shots on goal.

At the start of the second half, South Korea took off Cho Hyun-taek and Kim Bong-soo and replaced them with Song Min-kyu and Lee Tae-seok. China, on the other hand, made three substitutions. Wang Haijian, Ba Dun, and Tan Long were replaced by Su Haoyang, Halik, and Liu Ruofan. South Korea struck first in the first minute of the first half when Park Jae-yong attempted a turning shot from near the penalty arc that went over the crossbar. Despite being down by a goal, the Koreans were in no hurry. The Chinese players continued to run down the field, cheered on by the Chinese fans who chanted “Chaiyi”.

In the fifth minute of the second half, South Korea’s organization began to come alive. In the fifth minute, Song Min-gyu fired a right-footed shot from near the penalty arc that went straight at the goalkeeper. In the seventh minute of the second half, South Korea had a good free kick opportunity on the left side of the field, but the ball floated into the box was not placed accurately. After that, South Korea began to organize and play short passes to get into the game. In the 10th minute of the second half, Ko Young-joon broke through on the right side of the penalty box and was brought down in a contest with an opposing defender, but the referee’s whistle did not blow.
Even Ko Young-joon is out due to injury… Worse than the defeat was the injury.
China took off Zhang Shengrong in the 12th minute of the second half and replaced him with Huang Jiahui, but in the process, Ko Young-jun was seen being helped off the field with a limp. Earlier in the penalty box, Ko had clutched his knee in pain after colliding with an opposing defender. In the 14th minute of the second half, Jung Woo-young intercepted a Chinese pass and hit a mid-range shot that sailed wide. South Korea took Hwang Jae-won and Ko Young-joon off in the 15th minute and replaced them with Kim Tae-hyun and Lee Jae-ik. China made another change in the 17th minute, bringing on forward Zhang Wei for Wu Xiaochong. 메이저도메인 On the ensuing corner kick, Lee Jae-Ik’s finishing touch went wide of the goal.

South Korea then continued to press China. In the 23rd minute, Lee Tae-seok sent in a cross from the left side of the box that Choi Joon rushed onto and got a foot to it, but it went wide of the goal. In the 24th minute of the second half, the teams took another cooling break to rehydrate. South Korea had another great chance in the 28th minute. Choi Jun sent in a sharp cross from the right. Three Korean players rushed to meet it, but they were unable to get their heads on it.

China’s rough soccer continued in the second half. In the 30th minute, Halik committed a foul on Ko Jae-hyun near the corner flag. However, the Chinese referee did not show a yellow card. In the 35th minute, South Korea brought on Yang Hyun-joon in place of Choi Joon to further boost their offense. A minute later, Su Haoyang was cautioned for a deep standing tackle on Ko Jae-hyun. From the ensuing free kick, South Korea quickly resumed play, and Ko Jae-hyun sent in a cross. It was met by Park Jae-yong with a diving header that went just wide left of the goal. It was Korea’s best chance of the game. In the 42nd minute, Yang Hyun-joon weaved his way through the Chinese defense inside the penalty box before unleashing a right-footed shot that was blocked by the goalkeeper. With five minutes of stoppage time on the clock, Jung Ho-yeon’s mid-range effort sailed over the crossbar in stoppage time. In the end, South Korea failed to find the winner and had to accept the 0-1 defeat.

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