Suwon Samsung and Suwon FC, whose ‘color’ has changed, look forward to solving the problem

Domestic professional football K League 1 (Part 1) Suwon Samsung and Suwon FC will face off in the 3rd round of the 2023 season K League 1 at Suwon Sports Complex on the 11th. This is the first ‘Suwon Derby’ this season. The match between the two teams last season was tight. 2 wins and 2 losses cannot determine superiority and inferiority. In terms of overall record, Suwon FC is slightly ahead with 6 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses.

The early season record of both teams this season is the same with 1 draw and 1 loss. Suwon lost 0-1 to Gwangju FC in the opening round and drew 1-1 with Jeonbuk Hyundai. After drawing 0-0 with Jeju United, Suwon FC lost to Pohang Steelers 1-2. The two teams, with the same points, goals and goal difference, are ranked 10th in the standings side by side. However, the atmosphere of the two teams is somewhat opposite.

At the beginning of the season, the ‘colors’ of both teams were switched. Suwon FC was one of the best offensive teams in the league last season. With 56 points as a team, it was second in the team scoring category following Ulsan Hyundai (57 points). On the other hand, Suwon ranked 10th in the league with 44 points. At the beginning of this season, the attack patterns of the two teams were different. Suwon actively pushed the opponent. On the other hand, Suwon FC’s offensive development work is not smooth.

The attack patterns of the two teams led to differences in detailed indicators. Suwon ranked high in team attack indicators, including 33 shots, 12 effective shots, and 14 key passes (2nd in the league above). Suwon FC hovered at the bottom of the league in 15 shots (12th), 3 effective shots (11th) and 5 key passes (12th). If the problem is that Suwon did not take the point of attack, Suwon FC’s fault at the beginning of the season is that it does not create an attacking opportunity.

In the first Suwon derby of the season, Suwon’s task is to finish the attack with a goal. Suwon is looking forward to the performance of Akosti, a crack from Ghana, and Ahn Byung-jun, a forward striker. Acosti showed active moves, such as scoring the equalizer against Jeonbuk with a single-footed curling shot. Ahn Byung-Jun, one of the most reliable forwards in Suwon, has made a threatening attack scene, only suffering from bad luck at the goal post. 온라인바카라

Suwon FC’s point is that midfielder Yoon Bit-garam must escape from sluggishness and smoothly solve the offensive development work. Yoon Bitgaram, who was recruited by Suwon FC after a long time, must find a creative attack route with sharp passing skills. As Yoon Bit-garam became sluggish, the team’s offense in the last two games also died. Foreign midfielder Murillo (Brazil)’s feet are also noteworthy. He scored his first goal of the season against Pohang.

Both teams do not have a key striker to play side by side. In Suwon, Mulich (Serbia), a tall foreign striker recruited from Seongnam FC to fill the void left by Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic FC), is out due to a muscle injury in the back of his thigh. Suwon FC was in trouble of not being able to play in the Suwon derby as their main striker Lee Seung-woo was sent off against Pohang.

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