T1 ‘Owner’ Moon Hyun-jun “Gained confidence against DK”

T1 jungler “Owner” Moon “Hyun-jun” Moon said after the sweep against Nongshim that he “gained confidence that we can prepare well for the DePlus Kia match”.

T1 defeated Nongshim 2-0 in the second round of the ‘2023 LOL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Season at Roll Park LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul, on Thursday afternoon. With the win, T1 snapped a two-game losing streak and improved to 7 wins (4 losses, +5 goal differential) on the season, catching up to third-placed DePlus Kia. 메이저사이트

Speaking to the press room after the game, ‘Owner’ Moon Hyun-jun said, “I’m glad we broke the losing streak with this win. We are confident that we can prepare well for our next game against DPLUS Kia.”

T1 had been struggling recently, with Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk taking a break and coach Bae “Sung-woong” Bae resigning. Moon said, “We’re communicating well as a team. Even if one or two people are mentally shaken, we have to stick together as a team.” “The coaches are also helping us well. If we have the will to work hard, we can overcome it.”

Since Lee Sang-hyuk’s break, Moon Hyun-joon has been teaming up with Yoon Sung-won of “Phobia. “He’s young (born in 2006), but he’s not afraid to say what he needs to say,” Moon said of Yoon Sung-won, “and he works really hard. He’s also very adaptable. He gives energy to our team.” He also praised her.

With the Nongshim match behind them, T1 will take on DPLUS Kia on the 16th. “I think it will be difficult because they are a strong team,” Moon said, “but I believe that if we play with confidence based on what we gained today, we will be able to win.”

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