Taegeuk mark Dan archery club “My next dream is an AG medal!”

Among the national archery compound players who will compete in the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September, there is a player with a unique career.

This is Joo Jae-hoon from a club that started as a hobby.

He is also aiming for an Asian Games medal.

Reporter Huh Sol-ji met.


A player who draws his bow carefully is no different from any other national team player, but has a thrilling expression somewhere!

[Joo Jae-hoon: National archery compound representative: “I improved my skills by practicing with the best players in Korea.”] I

am Joo Jae-hoon, a compound national representative who started archery as a hobby seven years ago.

[Soundbite] Joo Jae-hun/National Representative for Archery Compound : “It was a career that had nothing to do with physical education. I searched the Internet and found a club, but I found an archery club.”

] It went on.

He set up a target in an empty barn and trained by watching videos on the Internet. [Soundbite] Joo Jae-hoon/National Archery Compound Representative : “YouTube was my coach and coach. I watched a lot of videos of domestic players and overseas competitions


It is.

[Soundbite] Joo Jae-hoon(National Archery Compound Representative) : “I was overwhelmed by the size of the archery range, and it’s several times bigger than my practice room. The restaurant in the athlete’s village is really good. I think some of my skill improvement comes from eating at the athlete’s village.”] It’s an unfamiliar environment, but my colleagues 카지노사이트

. Their support is a great strength.

[Yang Jae-won/National Representative for Archery Compound : “It seems like ‘Huh? This arrow seems to fall off?’ It’s like this, but when I go there, it’s in the 10 points (picture), and it’s amazing.”]

Joo Jae-hoon, who won the Asian Games in Hangzhou by finishing 4th in the selection, now dreams of a bigger dream.

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