The dignity of Daesung Westbrook, the top scorer in Korea for two consecutive seasons

Professional basketball this season is evaluated as a season in which the performance of domestic guards shone more than ever. The players who are currently competing as MVP candidates for the regular season are Byun Irving (27, 185.3cm), who led Anyang KGC to the top spot, and Byun Irving (27, 185.3cm), and Seoul SK star Kim “Flash Sun” Seon-hyung (34, who showed off his ageless performance). ‧187 cm).

Both of them are dual guard type players who switch between point guard and shooting guard, and they did an excellent job as the main gun and field commander in the team, so it is evaluated that it would not be strange for anyone to be named MVP. In addition to this, Lee Jae-do (31‧179cm), the assault leader who led Changwon LG’s blast, is also highly praised for being the main character of the season.

In addition, ‘Prince’ Heo Ung (29‧185.2cm), who moved to Jeonju KCC through FA, although he could not continue his upward trend due to injury, was involved in various parts of the team, including leading goals in all weathers and assisting reading. And now, not only popularity, but also proving that they have risen to the top in terms of skills.

Dae-seong Lee (32‧193cm) of Daegu Korea Gas Corporation ‘Dash’ is also one of the players who feel sad when his name is omitted. Although there is a sense of concealment due to the poor team performance, the individual performance was as good as Byun Jun-hyung and Kim Seon-hyung. He averaged 18.1 points, 3.1 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 1.3 steals in 32 minutes and 10 seconds per game in 51 games this season. In terms of his performance, he is comparable to any other player in the country.

Despite the age of entering the veterans, many people are surprised by his stamina, which allows him to play more than 30 minutes per game for three consecutive years, including his Orion days. In the match against SK on the 17th, he scored 15 field goals and recorded a whopping 39 points (4 3-point shots, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals), rewriting his own record for most points in a game. The most notable among them is, of course, the score record.

Lee Dae-seong, the only domestic player to record an average of 18 points or more, ranked 5th in total points and 1st in the national team. 1 in scoring by domestic players for two consecutive years following last season, a record that only three players in KBL history, such as Seo Jang-hoon, Bang Seong-yoon, and Moon Tae-young, have achieved. It is not unreasonable to say that he is standing shoulder to shoulder with prominent legends, at least in terms of his scoring ability.

Some say that the team’s performance is sluggish, and there is an opinion that it is underestimated in that it is a result created by monopolizing a relatively large number of opportunities. It may not be completely wrong. However, on the contrary, it is also worth considering that he overcame severe pressure and recorded a good record in a situation where the opposing team’s intensive defense was concentrated on him.

Naturally, the team facing Korea Gas Corporation has no choice but to increase the intensity of defense against Lee Dae-sung, and Lee Dae-sung pierced it with his skills. However, it was not that he only cared about personal records and was only greedy for attacks. As the expression of both offense and defense, the passion in defense was still the same. I can give it a high score in that it was a result achieved by pouring a lot of energy in karate.

What is even more surprising is the fact that he suffered a fractured wrist this season and struggled with injuries. When looking at the player’s future, he has been fighting throughout the season for his team to advance to the playoffs, even though it may have fatal consequences. In the end, excessive participation was the cause, and abnormal signs were found in other places, such as damage to the Achilles tendon and thigh muscles, and it was only after the rankings were completely decided at the end of the season that he was withdrawn from the game. Regardless of team performance, it can be said that player Lee Dae-sung did his best.

As a player who receives a lot of attention, Lee Dae-sung has many nicknames, including ‘Dae-sung Westbrook’. It was created because the style of leading the team while involved in various parts of the game resembles NBA star Russell Westbrook. In fact, if you look at the energetic play, there are quite a lot of similarities.

Despite his struggles this season, Lee Dae-sung was unable to produce the desired results. Due to the nature of team sports, it is a point that can be reconfirmed that performance follows when the situation of the team as well as the individual fits together and rolls like a cogwheel. Currently, Lee Dae-seong, along with teammates Jung Hyo-geun and Lee Dae-heon, have obtained FA (free agent) qualifications.

It is expected that many teams will be interested as he showed off his skills throughout the season. What is noteworthy is Lee Dae-sung’s choice. Of course, Lee Dae-sung, who spent a lonely winter, cannot help but consider the team’s strength. It is because the team performance also affects the MVP competition of Byun Jun-hyung and Kim Sun-hyung. In this regard, I am more curious about Lee Dae-sung’s move in the off-season. 온라인바카라

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