The time Yang In-young was missing, Hana 1 Q was shaken more

While Yang In-yeong (184cm, F) was missing, Hana 1Q could not overcome the inferiority.

Bucheon Hana One Q lost to Incheon Shinhan Bank 72-85 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball held at the Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 6th. 3 home games in a row. The 4th victory of the season was also blown away. The ranking continues to be at the bottom (3 wins, 21 losses).

Hana 1 Q left the worst performance in the 2021-2022 season. Not only did they finish last, but they also recorded the lowest win rate in team history with 5 wins and 25 losses.

However, it is not that Hana 1 Q was not without threats. Shin Ji-hyeon (174cm, G) and Yang In-young, who are considered one-two punches, were like that. However, Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young suffered from many checks. This is because all the teams facing Hana 1Q only looked at Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young. The focus was on a 2v2 between the two players.

Conversely, it means that the capabilities of the two players stood out in Hana 1 Q. Yang In-young held the center with a screen, a mid-range jumper, and movement without the ball. He hit career highs in almost every field.

Under the new manager Kim Do-wan, he received an important assignment. He served as captain for the 2022-2023 season. Of course, we need to unite the young players as one, as well as the team’s one-two punch. You must also show your capabilities as a voice leader. Also, it is necessary to quickly grasp director Kim Do-wan’s color.

Yang In-young’s resolution was different. However, Yang In-young was out for quite a while because of her injury. The departure of Yang In-young adversely affected Hana 1Q, which had a shallow power. The reason why neither Hana One Q nor Yang In-young could achieve the results they wanted.

However, after Yang In-young returned from injury, Hana 1 Q’s performance became stronger. The tendency to not get over the last hurdle remains, but the change in Hana 1 Q is positive. Same goes for Yang In-young. He is coming into the game more combatively than before.

Yang In-young had difficulties from the start. She lacked Kim Jin-young (177cm, F) and Kim Sonia (177cm, F), and she had to deal with Kim Tae-yeon (189cm, C). Despite focusing on defense and rebounding under the goal, Shinhan Bank allowed second chances in a row.

However, there was something that Yang In-young was ahead of Kim Tae-yeon. Mobility and speed. Shinhan Bank’s speedy defense was burdened with better offense and offense conversion speed than Kim Tae-yeon.

After Kim Tae-yeon got off the court, Yang In-young struggled with several Shinhan Bank forwards. He showed moves that fit the situation, such as fighting for positions on the screen and in the paint zone. Although his record was not outstanding, Yang In-young proved the value of his existence.

Several players took turns resting, but Yang In-young could not. Because there was no big man in Hana One Q to replace Yang In-young’s height and presence. Also, as Shinhan Bank sent Kim Tae-yeon back in the second quarter, Yang In-young had less time to rest.

Yang In-young’s activity and speed could have decreased. However, Yang In-young did not hesitate to do the dirty work. In particular, he focused on offensive rebounds. He even made his teammates rebound with his parrying moves.

But what was feared became a reality. Yang In-young gradually lost his strength. In particular, he failed to score. When Yang In-yeong, a big man, could not score easily, Hana 1 Q also had to attack with low probability. The reason why Hana 1 Q was pushed back 32-37 even though other players performed well.

Yang In-young was matched up with Kim Tae-yeon again. After she pulled Taeyeon Kim out of her paint zone, she attempted to break through. She was pushed back in the physical fight, but she showed focus. She landed a left hand layup. After that, she made a no-mark chance for Kim Ye-jin (174cm, F), who penetrated without a ball. Kim Ye-jin’s lay-up failed, but Yang In-young’s pass made Shinhan Bank’s heart flutter.

However, considering the second half, Yang In-young needed a break. In addition, Yang In-young’s activity and speed decreased rapidly. The reason why head coach Kim Do-wan and Hana One Q called Yang In-young to the bench 3 minutes and 36 seconds into the third quarter.

However, after Yang In-young stepped down to the bench, Hana 1 Q’s defense under the goal became looser. Hana 1 Q, whose defense was loose, could not stop Sonia Kim. Sonia Kim allowed 10 points in the third quarter only. The third quarter ended 51-60.

Despite Hana 1 Q being jungled, Hana 1 Q did not put in Yang In-young. He continued to give opportunities to Hana Kim (180cm, F), who started from the 3rd quarter. I haven’t been able to pull off any reversal. Rather, 바카라 it was placed in the inferior double-digit score difference (61-71). The defeat deepened.

Hana 1 Q put Yang In-young in only 4 minutes and 55 seconds before the end of the game. But it was too late. admitted defeat. Yang In-young was called back to the bench. It was to give young players a chance. Meanwhile, Yang In-young finished the match against Shinhan Bank with 3 points, 5 rebounds (attack 2) and 2 assists in 23 minutes and 42 seconds.

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