Wainwright participating in the WBC “I was eliminated from the Olympic team, it became a Han”

St. Louis Cardinals right-hander Adam Wainwright, who is participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) for the first time at the age of 41, shared his thoughts on participating in the tournament.

In a video interview with local media such as ‘MLB.com’ on the 8th (Korean time), Wainwright said, “No one has asked me (to participate in the national team) before,” and finally told the reason for participating in the WBC.

Wainwright, a veteran of 17 seasons in the major leagues, is making his first national team appearance.

He brought up painful memories from the past as one of the motivations for participating in the national team at a fairly young age. The only thing that remains is that he was eliminated from the U.S. national team selection during the 2004 Olympic qualifying round.
He said, “It was a burden on my shoulders for many years after that,” and said that being excluded from the selection for the Olympic team was left with regret.

Announced that he started pitching training earlier than usual to participate in the WBC, he was confident that there would be no problem preparing for the season, saying, “I am old, but I have learned how to prepare for the season through years of experience.”

Wainwright, who also received the Silver Slugger before the designated hitter was introduced in the National League, expressed his will, saying that he was willing to bunt for the national team.

The United States is drawn in Group C along with Mexico, Columbia, Canada, and Great Britain. If you place in the top 2 here, you advance to the 2nd round. 메이저놀이터

Puerto Rico, which belongs to Group D, can also meet Puerto Rico, who has been breathing for a long time here, coached by Yadier Molina.

Wainwright told Molina that he wanted to pitch against Puerto Rico, and Molina recounted a conversation he had with his longtime partner, saying he was told he would “know every ball you throw.”

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