Where are you going without Lee Kang-in?…Neymar hopes to return to parent team → PSG likely to leave

Following Kylian Mbappe, Neymar is also considering leaving Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

“Neymar has told the PSG hierarchy that he wants to leave the club this summer,” French media outlet L’Equipe reported on July 7. He is determined to return to Barcelona.”

PSG is preparing for a major reorganization. PSG is preparing for a major overhaul. Galtier has been replaced by Luis Enrique, who led Barcelona to the treble. The announcement of Enrique’s appointment was followed by a flurry of signings for PSG. Milan Skriniar, Marco Asensio, Manuel Ugarte, Lee Kang-In, and Luca Hernandez were among the signings. Instead of focusing on European stars, they’re building for the future 먹튀검증.

They’re less reliant on world-class players. But it’s different now. Even if they are world-class players, if they don’t add to the team in terms of atmosphere, they are willing to let them go. Mbappe was no exception, and when he refused to renew his contract, made negative comments about the team, and missed the Asia tour, the club took a hard line and tried to get rid of him.

As PSG struggles with Mbappe’s departure, reports have surfaced that Neymar also wants to return to Barcelona. Losing Mbappe and then Neymar would be a huge blow. PSG hasn’t played well this preseason. They were not as destructive in attack and didn’t create as many threats. For PSG, even if they let Mbappe go, they will definitely want to keep Neymar.

South Korean fans also seem to be sad to see Neymar go. Neymar has shown good chemistry with Lee Kang-in. Lee wore a PSG jersey this summer. “We are pleased to announce the signing of Lee Kang-in,” PSG said on its website on September 9. His contract runs until 2028,” the club announced on its website.

Since joining PSG, Lee has been close to Neymar. He was photographed sitting with Neymar and impressed many fans. On the training ground, he was seen smiling and hugging Neymar. Lee and Neymar also played pranks on each other during matches. If Neymar leaves PSG, Lee will lose his best friend.

However, Neymar’s departure is not very likely. French journalist Fabrice Hawkins of RMC Sport wrote on social media on August 8, “Neymar and PSG are about to part ways. However, it is highly unlikely that Neymar will return to Barcelona.”

The main reason why Neymar would not be able to move to Barcelona is financial. Despite the amount of time Neymar spends on the sidelines due to his ongoing injury problems, his price tag is not insignificant. According to soccer statistics site Transfermarkt, Neymar’s price tag is €60 million ($86.6 billion). However, in reality, PSG will want more than €60 million.

Neymar’s stock rose after his treble with Barcelona. PSG spent €220 million ($319.5 billion) to bring Neymar to the club. It was the most expensive transfer in soccer history. Having paid so much to acquire Neymar, PSG is unlikely to sell him cheaply.

And Barcelona is currently struggling financially. Neymar’s salary is around 30 million euros ($43.1 billion). Realistically, that’s more than Barcelona can afford. For this reason, Hawkins claims that Neymar will most likely stay at PSG. PSG is ready for a new beginning. They”ve made signings with an eye on the future rather than world-class players. Still, the goal is the top of Europe. They need Neymar to get there.

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