Zenji takes T1 with ‘win, lose, draw, win’, advances to Finals-Rolled Cup (Overall)

It was Genji who took the rivalry to five sets without conceding a point.

Genji defeated T1 in the winner’s final of the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer 2023 playoffs on Wednesday at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, with a set score of 3-2.

After T1 picked up the Genji bot duo in the bottom lane of Game 1 with Rell’s intervention, Rell headed to the mid lane and teamed up with Azir to take down Taliya, but after taking the first dragon and messenger and retreating unscathed, Genji summoned a messenger to the bottom lane after a 2:1 exchange near the dragon’s nest, where Taliya and Sejuani teamed up in the mid lane to take down Azir and pick up two stacks of dragons. After taking down the second Herald and securing the Eye of the Opposition, T1 took out Taliyah in the top lane, summoned a Herald in the mid lane, moved to the dragon, and started to strike first, taking the jungle-mid in a 2:2 trade, leaving Genji in a slightly better mood to take control of the dragon.

After a double kill by Apelios in front of the Baron’s Nest, Genji applied the Baron buff, took the chase end Alistar and took down the center primary tower, pushed back the T1 troops and picked up the Wind Dragon’s soul, and after the center secondary tower was destroyed, Genji attacked the opponent who was clearing the line, took out the bot duo, entered the main lane, and landed an ace. After taking down the center inhibitor, Genji backed off and cut down Alistar in the top lane, then attacked the opponent coming out of the lane, picking up four kills and re-entering the lane to destroy the nexus.

In game two, after T1 took both the first dragon and the herald, Genji’s Bai and Lakhan joined Jax in the top lane to take Gragas and open up the lead, and after T1 took out Jerry in the bottom lane, they released the herald and took out Bai, but Jax appeared in the bottom lane for a double kill. After T1 took the second stack of dragons, Jenji headed for the second messenger, taking out Kha’zix to start hitting the messenger, and while T1 missed the second messenger, they took down the center primary tower.

After the third dragon was also T1’s, Genji summoned a Herald in the bottom zone, crashing through the primary tower and into the secondary tower, and after the Baron appeared, T1 quickly started hitting and buffing, but Genji scored two kills in the skirmish, taking down the center primary tower and taking the first stack with the fourth dragon. After taking the sea dragon’s soul, T1 moved to the baron where Genji was positioned, pushed it out, and took the baron buff, T1 racked up three kills, demolished the center and top secondary towers, and went straight into the main lane, taking down two inhibitors. Genji chased down the retreating T1, but T1 cut the jacks and turned around to advance to the nexus, leveling the set score at 1-1.

Renekton and Maokai took the lead with a Sejuani kill in front of the Herald’s Nest, followed by another Sejuani kill in the jungle, and T1’s first successful dragon kill, as Sejuani picked up his third kill on the way out, but Jaya picked up Jerry in the bottom lane. Genji’s troops entered behind the Herald’s nest and targeted the level 5 Sejuani, but the level 6 Sejuani fought back in a crunch, taking down Maokai along with the timely arrival of the T1 troops, while Jaya took down Jerry again in the lower zone.

After summoning a Herald in the bottom lane and taking the first stack of dragons, Jenji positioned himself on the Herald side and began to strike, while the slowly approaching T1 took the Herald Steel and Jaya double-killed for four kills and a second stack of dragons. After summoning a Herald in the bottom lane to take down the second tower, T1 went on the offensive, picking up three more kills to push into the opponent’s lane and take down the bottom inhibitor, while the top lane matched Genji’s onslaught, picking up four kills to rush in and buff the baron. Regrouping, T1 rushed towards Genji and opened up the engagement, pressing for the last resistance and destroying the nexus before the baron buff could be broken, earning their second set point.

Shortly after the start of the fourth set, Sejuani intervened in the top lane and Jax took a gangplank to give T1 the lead, but Genji evened things up by taking down Azir in the mid lane, before T1 turned their attention back to the top lane and took down a second gangplank. After taking the first dragon, Genji stemmed the tide by picking up three kills in the ensuing engagement, backed by a double kill from Yone, while T1 took the first Herald, demolished the top lane tower and summoned a Herald to crash into the second tower.

After taking the second Herald and scoring two kills, T1 summoned it to the mid lane to take down the first tower and pick up the first stack with the third dragon, while Jax grabbed the Baron and switched to offense, picking up three kills and buffing, taking down Sejuani and pushing through the top and center secondary towers in quick succession. After an all-out war in the mid lane, with Jax getting a double kill and Jerry a triple kill, Genji went right into the opponent’s main lane and finished them off, sending the game to a fifth set.

In a fifth game with a lot on the line, T1 took the lead after a jungle raid to get Yone, then hunted down both the first dragon and the herald and summoned the herald to the bottom lane, and after taking down the second dragon, Genji grabbed Jax and took down the top lane tower. After the third dragon appeared, Jenji went first, landing a skirmish ace with the dragon and summoning a messenger to the center region to take down the secondary tower. 메이저사이트

He then switched to Baron and started hitting, then switched to engage with the Baron buff, and although the T1 charged in, the game tilted in his favor, and he once again landed an Ace, took down the secondary tower in the bottom lane, and moved into the main lane to take down the bottom inhibitor. Genji, positioned in front of the Baron’s Nest, charged at T1 to stop them, opened up the engagement, landed an ace and went straight into their main lane, destroying the nexus and securing a spot in the finals and a spot in the Rold Cup.

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